AARP in St. Louis                         Virtual Support Drive
          AARP in St. Louis Virtual Support Drive

Be part of the movement to end hunger in our region by joining AARP in St. Louis in their virtual support drive benefiting the St. Louis Area Foodbank! Every dollar donated will provide 4 meals to people in need. To kick-off the drive, AARP in St. Louis is donating $10,000. Your contribution will only strengthen the impact we can make for those in need in our community. Simply click on the items you would like to donate and then click "Check Out" when you have reached your desired contribution amount. You can modify this amount at “Check Out” as well. Thank you for helping us make a difference!
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Green Beans QTY.

Macaroni & Cheese QTY.

Fruit Cocktail QTY.

Chicken Noodle QTY.

Tuna QTY.

100 % Juice Boxes QTY.

Peanut Butter QTY.

$20.00 QTY.

Beef Stew QTY.

$50.00 QTY.

Description Retail Value Price UOM
Green Beans $15.84 $9.11 24/14.5 oz.
Fruit Cocktail $19.08 $9.29 12/15 oz.
Tuna $42.72 $22.50 48/6 oz.
Peanut Butter $29.88 $14.25 12/18 oz.
Beef Stew $21.48 $13.04 24/15 oz.
Macaroni & Cheese $12.00 $6.25 24/7.25 oz.
Chicken Noodle $18.00 $8.93 12/10.75 oz.
100 % Juice Boxes $15.16 $13.18 4/10-6.75 oz.
$20.00 $20.00 $20.00 1
$50.00 $50.00 $50.00 1
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* Monies received by the Charity will be used for the purchase of items to be given to those in need. Actual product mix and quantities purchased may vary.